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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2. Post-Irony: Manifesto

  1. Pure art: If it can function as something other than an object for contemplation and can function as an illustration then its an illustration -not fine art.
  2. A Window or a Mirror: If it exists as pure representation of a physical reality than its illustration. If it reflects the audience then its a mirror. My water paintings are of a theoretical now. Somewhere on the planet –in some ocean, sea or lake– the configuration of elements exist in that same set and shape of water, light and dark at the moment one is viewing my pictures.
  3. Trust: That the image depicts a physical arrangement that acceptably confirms what would reasonably assume to be an accurate depiction of the mediated and cognitive real.
  4. Aura: The distinction between a fingerprint and a signature reflects the distinction between authorship and ownership. 
  5. Post-Irony: Reject the idea that minimalism is reductive -an outmoded explanation reexamined for a post modern state. Minimalism was the cusp. Metaphors are in play.

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