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Monday, February 10, 2014

Wooden Icebergs

Red Oak Wall Reliefs,  28"X24" January 2014
Series of 8



  1. Steven Ross Asks: Do you consider it a painting using wood (similar to wood pieces by Donald Judd (except that it was important to his work that his pieces were not representational)) or a sculpture on the wall?

    JQ: So yes, the thing lies somewhere between a sculpture and a painting. Much of what I attempt straddles a reductionist representation and a diagram of an all inclusive whole -perhaps more in line with a minimalist credo. In this case a simplified iceberg but -important to note- the whole iceberg. Including what lies beneath not simply the proverbial tip. A reduction that's also "all there" with nothing missing. Does that make sense? In the same way: the photo of the sunbeam --where you see the sun but also where the beam terminated at the seabed. In other words: every aspect of the beam. Start to finish, alpha omega, essence/everything etc.

    Just as there is no such thing as nothing (or is there?), there is no such thing as everything. Context is my answer. All about context.

    I think Robert Morris rejected the idea that minimalism was about the reductive. Less critical for Judd? Or, do I have that backwards?

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