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Monday, July 14, 2014

Right Now

Why water paintings?: Photographs are imprints of the past. A painting can be something else.
Above is a photograph taken with an iPhone looking out an airplane window. It shows the Atlantic ocean from about 2000 feet –comprising an area less than a square mile. The shutter speed is approximately 1/125th of a second. In that incredibly short amount of time, in this extremely small area of a vast ocean we can see the potential for a limitless number of watery, sea-foam paintings. I've highlighted five possible frames in red.
I am making the argument that --when gazing at a foamy, watery painting-- you are looking, through an apparatus --not a representation of the past as in the above photograph-- but a window onto "the now".  In the time you spend gazing at a watery painting (somewhere out at sea) the exact event is occurring.
With these painting, my intention is to create a kind of anomalous reality rather than representational abstractions.

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